Process Improvement - Records Management QC

Situation: When a global organization began implementing a digital imaging/recordkeeping system for human resources records, they got the technology right, but forgot supporting processes. Missing was the infrastructure and processes for on-going governance of the process once the system was launched…

Approach Taken: Engaging key stakeholders from Compliance, Legal, Talent Acquisition, and the HR Call Center, an understanding of the challenges faced by moving from decentralized records management to centralized developed. The next step was to conceive a governance model that created a dynamic operating environment designed to support the go-forward operation of the process.

Results: The proposed model was accepted by management, and a Global HR Records Governance Committee was created. Processes were put in place to quickly evaluate new documents and forms to ensure only relevant documents were retained and that such documents were properly classified. The governance model received kudos from the HR staff charged with administering the records system and from the Global Compliance function for effectively integrating HR records management with global recordkeeping policies.