Process Improvment - Expat Payroll

Situation: The company’s expat payroll was migrated from off-shore operations to the U.S. global payroll function. Following the migration a number of problems and critical failures occurred which led to significant negative feedback for senior executives. Over fifty issues, many very complex, were identified for resolution…

Actions Taken: A project team was formed to take charge of remediating the issues and restoring the confidence of leaders. Weekly meetings of cross-functional stakeholders were conducted to organize activities related to root cause analysis and solution identification and implementation. In addition to weekly project team meetings, regular meetings and progress updates with senior leaders were conducted.

Results: By organizing the issues and focusing on root cause analysis and finding long term solutions, significant progress was made quickly. Roles and responsibilities were rationalized and documented, additional quality control processes were put in place, and routine pay issues virtually disappeared. Frequent meetings with international stakeholders were conducted to keep them appraised of progress. Within six months sufficient confidence had been restored that remediation efforts were ended and replaced with new standard protocols for surfacing and resolving issues quickly before they created serious problems.